April 29, 2017

Pinterest is Nipping at Twitter’s Heels

Have you read the Pew Social Media Demographic report yet?

One of the interesting stats in this report is that 16% of Internet user in the United States are on Twitter, with Pinterest right behind at 15 percent. Yes, they are both a long way from the 67% for Facebook, but it seems that the race for second place is on. Instagram is not too far behind either.

Pinterest’s growth rate should be causing Twitter some sleepless nights – a survey conducted earlier in 2012 put Pinterest at 12 percent in August, meaning the site gained three percent in just a few months.

It is good to know who is using these social sites – if your product or service does not appeal to women Pinterest may not be for you. The Twitterverse seems to to be shifting too – many younger people are using Twitter now.

via Huffington Post


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