April 29, 2017

New Google+ Gets a Makeover, Classic Google+ Closing

January 18, 2017 SocialMediaNewz Staff

About a year ago Google+ was relaunched to focus on communities of shared interests. “After all of these updates, more people are discovering vibrant Communities and creating inspiring Collections than ever before,” said Danielle Buckley, Progress Manager of Google+. “So it’s in this same spirit that we’re pleased to add […]

Snapchat Announces a Big Update to its App

January 17, 2017 SocialMediaNewz Staff

Snapchat announced a major redesign of their popular app on Thursday. The new changes aim to make the the app less confusing to use and better for content discovery. The update, which is first being rolled out to some Android users will soon be available to all users. These changes […]

Instagram Adds Snapchat Like Stickers

December 21, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

Instagram announced today the ability to add stickers to your posts, just like Snapchat. The stickers will be both for the consumer like Snapchat, but more importantly will also be targeted at businesses which are looking for creative ways to promote their products and services. “Now you have new ways […]

Social Media Patters Are Predictable

December 7, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

“When you notice patterns over time, you have a suspicion that there’s an underlying reason why they happen — and maybe we can encode that in a model so that with just a little bit of data we can predict what will happen,” noted Josh Montague. Montague and Scott Hendrickson, […]

Instagram Adds Snapchat Like Features

November 30, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

Instagram announced two new features today, live disappearing video on Instagram Stories and a new Snapchat competitor, disappearing photos and videos in Instagram Direct. The disappearing messages should concern Snapchat because of the huge half billion strong user base of Instagram and the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook […]

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