October 22, 2016

Pinterest Hits 150 Million Users Per Month

October 18, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, having gone from 100 Million monthly users in September 2015 to 150 million today. Pinterest is also losing its status as a platform that is primarily for women, with men now making up 40% of all users, which is a 70% increase over last […]

New Facebook Workplace Platform Launched Worldwide

October 11, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

For a fee businesses large and small can use Workplace by Facebook as an office collaboration and communication tool. It puts all of Facebook’s features, such as workplace discussions, internet voice and video calls and a company news feed, behind the corporate intranet wall. It’s totally private and intended only […]

500,000 Brands Love Instagram Marketing

September 23, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

Instagram says that it now has 500,000 advertisers on its platform. “Today, we’re excited to announce there are more than 500,000 advertisers growing their businesses on Instagram,” they said in their blog announcement. “In just six months, the number of advertisers has more than doubled. And that includes a variety […]

YouTube Embraces Its Community

September 20, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

Youtube had previously added a “Community” tab for some popular channels, they are now broadening the feature to 12 YouTube channels and to possibly all channels in the coming months. Channels include the Green brothers, The Game Theorists, Karmin, The Key of Awesome, The Kloons, Lilly Singh, Peter Hollens, Rosianna […]

Teen Sextortion Running Rampant Online

September 6, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

A new Microsoft study shows that teen sextortion is running rampant online, with 44% saying they’d personally experienced sexual threats or knew of instances among family and friends. Of those who encountered sextortion, more than one-third said it happened nearly every time they go online! The study, “Civility, Safety and […]

SnapChat to Use Behavioral Data to Target Ads

August 30, 2016 SocialMediaNewz Staff

SnapChat will soon offer behavioral targeting options to its advertisers, according to an eMarketer report referenced by BusinessInsider. SnapChat Director of Revenue Operations, Clement Xue, said in the report that SnapChat was going to launch behavioral targeting capabilities by the end of September. Per BI, SnapChat will initially based all […]

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